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TG Analytical Laboratories

TG Analytical Laboratories

With over 25 years of lab experience, TG Analytical Laboratories is dedicated to providing fast, accurate analysis for industry, plumbers, well drillers, pump installers, real estate agents and homeowners.  We offer a broad selection of SDWA-certified and uncertified tests, quick turnaround times and the flexibility to meet your specific analytical needs.

• Quick turnaround times: 5-10 days average, and within 24 hours in some cases

Expedited services available

SDWA Certified Lab Analysis

TG Analytical Laboratories offers a comprehensive selection of fully certified tests which meet the rigorous standards established by the Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA).

• Total / e-Coliform
• Nitrate
• Nitrite
• Fluoride
• Arsenic
• Lead

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Uncertified Lab Analysis

We offer a full suite of uncertified tests to meet your specific analytical needs, including the following:

• Phosphate
• Sodium
• Magnesium
• Manganese
• Potassium
• Iron
• pH
• Conductivity
• Total Dissolved Solids
• Silica
• Ammonia
• Total Hardness
• Calcium Hardness
• Total Alkalinity
• Chlorine
• Tannins/Lignins
• Copper
• Chloride
• Iron Bacteria Test
• Sulfur Bacteria Test

Comprehensive Resin Analysis

Resin analysis can help determine any problems that may be occurring in your water treatment system.  Periodic analysis of the resin will help ensure that your system performs at optimal levels.

Resin Analysis

Resin tests available:

• Total Capacity
• Salt Splitting Capacity
• Moisture Content
• Bead Count
• Iron
• Photograph
• Rinse Requirements
• Cation/Anion Ratio
• Percent Regeneration
• Brine Squeeze
• Percent Swell

Membrane Dissection & Analysis

Membrane dissection and analysis helps evaluate and improve the performance of your reverse osmosis system, identify the best cleaning practices and pinpoint the most effective pretreatment options.

Copyrighted material from GE Water & Process Technologies. Used with permission.

Analysis available:

• Calcium & inorganic salts

• Metal oxides hydroxides

• Organic matter

• Biofouling

• Colloids

Fast, Convenient Local and National Processing

Drop Off Your Sample

For our clients located in Northeast Wisconsin, it's often fast and convenient to simply drop off your sample at our facility.

Not available during business hours? No problem: our night and weekend drop box allows you to drop off samples at your convenience.

Drop Box Photo

Our 24-hour drop box is located in the rear of our building, facing CB.

Map Graphic

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Mail In Your Sample

Our easy-to-use mailer kits make it quick and simple to collect your own sample and return it to us for processing.

You'll receive a sample bottle and preaddressed carton from TG Analytical Laboratories.

Use the 150 mL sample bottle provided to collect the sample to be tested.

Fill out the enclosed paperwork to ensure proper testing and establish a chain of custody for your sample.

Once you're ready, place the sample and completed paperwork in the mailing carton.

Mail your carton. TG Analytical Laboratories will process your sample when it's been received.

TG Analytical Laboratories: Accurate. Prompt. Professional.

With our full spectrum of certified and uncertified lab testing, long-standing experience and commitment to prompt, professional service, TG Analytical Laboratories has the resources and expertise to address a wide variety of analytical requirements.

Our wide range of services also includes the following:

• System performance testing.
• Laboratory scale pilot projects.
• Feed water analysis for reverse osmosis, remineralization and ion exchange.

Whether you're a homeowner or involved with commercial and institutional projects, TG Analytical Laboratories will deliver prompt, accurate results and professional service with each and every transaction. Expect it... We guarantee it!

Additional testing and analysis services are available. Contact us with special requests.
• Discounts are available for volume and contract work. Please contact us for more information.

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TG Analytical Laboratories
TG Analytical Labs